2005 Year in review

2005 was a great year. While continuing to write poetry and lyrics, I continued gigs of spoken poetry at bookstores, poetry readings, poetry parties with positive response.

One of my songs from the Seven Worlds CD (rock CD) called “Renaissance Man” was used as the main song in a documentary film about art called “Daytona Introduction”. This film also played several times at an independent art show here in Los Angeles.

While working on my new Poetry CD accompanied by music all through the year, it was finally released in September to way more positive then expected reviews to put it very mild!

It also received a professional review by an established rock critic and poet herself at http://www.suite101.com/topic_page.cfm/9756/5387

The CD is also up and available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/litsoul and at www.towerrecords.com for anyone who cares to hear it and have a copy. Key word is Lit Soul.

Official Peace Frog Band have been very supportive and invited me up to do poetry at their gigs and to also come up on stage during Light My Fire and When The Music’s Over.

A High School student asked for my approval to write a story about me for a research project for her class and completed it with an A grade from her teacher.

Hundreds of copies of the new album are out there. I also managed to actually get copies in the hands of Ian Astbury (The Cult, The Doors), Ray Manzarek (The Doors) and Robby Krieger (The Doors). During this time I have had tons of fun, seen many great concerts, continued to help people with my day job and experience life and try and leave something better then it was with art and effective communication.

Thank you to all who are supportive and have been there! You know who you are. Here is to an even bigger 2006!