Libertine Dream released – order today!

LIT SOUL III Libertine Dream officially released August 29, 2008.

Produced and written by Rob Chevelle (RBM). Co-produced by Eliot Waldhorn. Released August 2008, exactly two and a half years to the month in the making (part time) LIT SOUL III Libertine Dream is a 15-song collection of all original songs by Rob Chevelle. Rob wrote the songs, lyrics, sings, plays guitar, tambourine and acoustic sound effects. He also created the concept, artwork and photography. The songs are a mixture of hard rock heavy songs and acoustic songs. If you like some of The Cult, Danzig or even The Doors you will like this. Even Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P plays a signature long lead on one of the epic songs. Oceans of Life, blood, sweat, beers and tears went into this project.