Lit Soul – poetry CD came out today!

Fully recorded and packaged and ready to roll. The people who asked for a copy and gave me their address should receive a copy in the mail this week. Some will get a copy delivered personally.

If anyone else would like a copy let me know right away as it will be up on for a small fee soon. It’s a Poetry CD accompanied by music and sound effects.

I also did all the art work, original concept, photography, poetry, vocals, instruments and music where indicated. It’s about 1 hour of music poetry with different music and sound effects.

If you are a fan of poetry or even if you are new to it you might be pleasantly surprised. Poetry has been around a long time. I only wish I could give a copy to some of the traditional poets and beatniks or Morrison and Bukowski.

The album is meant for the individual. It’s not expected to be played at a party or for a group of people.