Order Lit Soul music

Currently there are 3 CD’s available. The 4th CD LIT SOUL – Libertine Dream, which is the best rock album yet will be ready and available right around the New Year.

1) Lit Soul – Seven Worlds is a rock album, $7.99. Includes pictures and lyrics.

2) Lit Soul – Poetry with Music is a professional poetry CD with music. Printed poetry and pictures included $8.99

3) Lit Soul – Birthday Poetry Reading CD 8/16/07 is a straight up poetry reading over my birthday, straight from my own note books, 54 minutes long. I also included some choice poems from Charles Bukowski and
Jim Morrison, $6.99

If you would like all three there is a special price of only 20.00 when you order all three at one time. The first two CD’s are available at www.cdbaby.com. Type in the key word LIT SOUL and they will come up.
It’s Pay Pal and secure and it will be shipped anywhere.

You can also order the first two CDs and the recent Birthday Poetry CD at the following PO Box.
Lit Soul
PO BOX 27512
LA, CA. 90027-0512